Panasonic Network Disk Recorder with 2 removable HDD slots for
digital image data from up to 16 Network Cameras

Features :

  • H.264, MPEG-4 and JPEG multi format
  • Up to 16 network cameras can be connected and recorded.
  • Various Recording Modes: Manual, Schedule, Event (Pre/Post), Emergency, External Timer
  • Various alarm sources include 16x Terminal inputs, 16x Camera alarm, Panasonic Alarm Protocol. Flexible alarm actions include Alarm recording, E-mail notification, Alarm message, Camera positioning, FTP image transfer, Terminal output, Panasonic alarm protocol output, Buzzer and Indicator.
  • Panasonic Camera Control: Pan/Tilt, Zoom, Focus, Brightness, Preset Position, Auto mode (depending on camera model).
  • Audio from the i-PRO network cameras can be recorded and played back, G.726 (ADPCM) 32 kbps.
  • Cameras may be assigned to one of the 4 groups to meet application requirements.
  • Flexible Playback Controls: Goto Date (Jump to specific time/date), Goto Last (Jump to 5 s ~ 5 min. before the record end).
  • Various Display Modes: Spot, Quad (4 patterns), Spot Sequence, Quad Sequence (Sequence: Live only).
  • 4 Quad screens are fully programmable. Any of the 16 cameras can be assigned to any area of the Quad screens.
  • Filtered Search: Time & Date, Event Type, Camera number, Text
  • Recorded images can be downloaded to a PC.
  • Downloadable viewer software allows playback of images downloaded from the Recorder.
  • Built-in network interface (10Base-T / 100Base-TX) for recording and client access
  • Quick IP Setup for Panasonic i-PRO series network cameras
  • Bandwidth control: 32 k / 64 k / 128 k / 256 k / 512 k / 1,024 k / 2 M / 5 M / 10 M (bps) and unlimited
  • Up to 4 clients can monitor image and control WJ-ND200 simultaneously.
  • Image transfer to FTP server: Recorded image upon alarm and/or live image periodically
  • Performance measurement function for appropriate recording frame rate setup
  • SD memory recordings initiated by network failure in the i-PRO series cameras can be transferred automatically or manually to the recorder even when the recorder is in recording status.
  • Up to 2 removable HDDs can be installed. (2.5 type Serial ATA HDD)
  • The removable HDD can be connected to a PC via USB-SATA convertible cable and played back with provided HDD viewer software.
  • Alarm notification by e-mail
  • User/Host authentication, 4 user levels and User-Camera View/Control partitioning set up for sophisticated user management of up to 32 user registrations.
  • Multi-recorder, Multi-site system can be made with optional WVASM100 i-PRO Management Software.
  • RAID1 mirroring capability
  • Vertical installation is possible with the optional WV-Q201 Vertical Stand.

Panasonic WJ-ND200 Panasonic WJ-ND200