Panasonic 4CH H.264 Real-time Network Video Encoder

Features :

  • Full frame H.264 transmission for each 4 channels
  • Dual streams of H.264 (High profile) and JPEG at VGA / D1 imag e size
  • Motion adaptive interlace/progressive conversion allows every frame to be clear even when the subject is moving.
  • Compensates the picture degradation caused by long-distance cable maintaining clear picture
  • Coaxial communication ensures the control of Panasonic PTZ cameras via coaxial cable.
  • Open command conversion table for RS-485 ensures the control of various manufacture’s PTZ camera.
  • SD/SDHC Memory card slot for manual recording, alarm recording, and backup upon network failure (JPEG)
  • Camera title display: Up to 16 alphanumeric characters embedded in the image
  • Full duplex bi-directional audio allows interactive communica tion.
  • PoE. The power will be supplied by simply connecting a LAN cable. (IEEE802.3af compliant)
  • Small size. And can be installed into the rack with mounting brackets. (Option)
  • Alarm sources including 3 terminal input, VMD, camera site alarm, video loss, and Panasonic alarm
  • VMD (Video Motion Detector) with 4 programmable detection areas
  • Internet mode: H.264/MPEG-4 images can be transmitted by over HTTP protocol.
  • Multi-language GUI and setup menu: English, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Russian (PAL) / English, French (NTSC)
  • * Installation required except for English
  • IPv4/IPv6 protocol supported

Panasonic WV-GXE500 Panasonic WV-GXE500