UNV 2U 8 HDDs Mini SAS Disk Enclosure

DEU1008, with high performance, high reliability, high density, high scalability, is anaffordable high-leveldisk enclosure developed especially for video surveillance.

Features :

  • High density
  • The innovative enclosure with 530.4mm depth and 2U height that holds up to 8 disks, is space-saving and applicable to the standard rack-mounted scenarios.
  • Power protection
  • Disk poweredonsequentially during system startup, protection from impulse current.
  • Multistagefan speed and energy saving
  • Fans with multistage speed are configured in the hot-swappable frame in redundancy mode. System power consumption can be balanced intelligently with heat dissipation calculation to ensure low power consumption and stable operation of the system.


UNV DEU1008 V2.1 UNV DEU1008 V2.1