Arney Multiple Channel Box Power Supply 4Ch


• Wall type royal blue baking finished shell, d elicate appearance, easy installation.
• Univ ersal AC input range: 96 264VAC, 47 63Hz.
• 4 channel individual tube fuse, fuse automatically cut while short circuit, over current, overload happen to one channel, and keep whole power supply system work properly.
• 5KA surg e protection.
• Cooling by free air convection
• External LED indicator for each channel output.
• Built in EMI wave filter , 100% full loa d burn in test , High efficiency, long service life,
High reliability
• All using 105 long life electrolytic capacitors
• All using world famous brand new components
• High efficiency, long service life, high reliability
• Operating temperature: 30 ℃~70 ℃(40 100% full load burn in test, 70℃ 70%
full load burn in test)
• Warranty period: 1 year

AR405 AR405